Hurghada Museum

Art and Beauty through the Ages

Don’t miss the new hidden gem of Hurghada while your stay there!

The new established Hurghada Museum is one of the greatest museums in the Red Sea area with wonderful masterpieces from ancient to modern Egypt. It shows 2000 objects from different eras of Egypt’s long history. In Addition to this, the museum has a temporary exhibition of some treasures of King Tutankhamen. Go and see them before they are turned back to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

In One Place You Can Explore:

  • The Pharaonic Era
  • The Greco-Roman Era
  • The Coptic Era
  • The Islamic Era
  • The Modern Era

Hurghada museum opening:

  • Morning From 10 AM TO 1 PM
  • Evening From 5 AM TO 11 PM

Hurghada museum prices:

  • For foreigners 200 EGP – foreigners student 100 EGP
  • For Egyptian 80 EGP – Egyptian student 40 EGP
  • Free access for children under 6 years.
  • 50% discount for children from 6-11 years old