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Egypt Civilization Now in Hurghada

Get Ready to enjoy one of the most amazing historical tours in Hurghada. Or in All Egypt. Now and for the first time in Hurghada, Red Sea you can explore the Egyptian civilization from different ages just in one place, Hurghada Museum. Hurghada Museum is not only the first antiquities museum in al‑Bahr al‑Ahmar (Red Sea) Governorate, but also the first museum that is the result of a joint project between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, al‑Bahr al‑Ahmar (Red Sea) Governorate, and the private sector.

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Hurghada Museum


The museum is located to the south of Hurghada. near the Tourists’ Promenade and Hurghada International Airport. It occupies three thousand square meters on a ten thousand square meter property.


Pharaonic Age

The Pharaonic Era dates back to 3000 years B.C. till Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 323 B.C. During the Pharaonic Era, Egypt witnessed many aspects of progress


Greeco Roman

Greece in the Roman era describes the period of Greek history when Ancient Greece was dominated by the Roman Republic (509 – 27 BC), the Roman Empire (27 BC – AD 395)


Islamic Era

The Islamic Golden Age was a period of cultural, economic and scientific flourishing in the history of Islam, traditionally dated from the 8th century to the 14th century.

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Hurghada Museum

Enjoy a great historical tour with all family and friends. You can enjoy the Egyptian heritage and discover civilization of Egypt.